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Malfunction Disposal Is Common

Most Stafford, Texas homeowners use the garbage disposal very often to make their lives significantly more straightforward. They use it to get rid of food leftovers while washing dishes. When we are not careful, the wrong materials go down the drain and end up damaging your garbage disposal. Do you experience such a thing?

When most of our clients give us a call, they know that we will solve this issue and give them the ideal solution. The plumbers of 911 Water Heater Stafford TX have extensive training & experience by working with different garbage disposal systems. That's why we can identify any problem cause and fix it quickly.

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Be Aware Of Disposal Failures

You must be aware of what goes down your garbage disposal as it might end up causing you huge problems. For instance, complex substances as eggshells & bones can jam your garbage disposal! Inorganic and meta substances should be avoided, or they will break the blades. If the problem is jam, it could clear itself if you keep running water down.

However, the motor could damage, which means that giving us a call is reasonably necessary. Call 911 Water Heater Stafford TX as our plumbers know what to do either clear the jam or repair it, causing the problem. We can figure out why your system is not working at all. Also, leaks can occur out of loose screws around the unit.

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Replacement VS. Repair

If you have a malfunctioning garbage disposal, allow 911 Water Heater Stafford TX 's professional plumbers to help you decide what to do. We will help you determine what's essential, whether replacement or repairing your existing one. At sometimes, faulty garbage disposal out of the jam, leaks, or any other reason causes excessive problems that require constant repair. These repairs might be more expensive than purchasing a new unit.

The best way to fix problems is to prevent them. Avoid throwing down all food types down your drain. You should only throw down the unit soft and organic food waste. Also, avoid putting oil & fats through the disposal. Always remember running water while disposing of waste. If you want a new garbage disposal installation, it's right up our alley too.